Virtual Coaching Groups – Purchase Page

There are three coaching groups offered. Meetings include coaching and the chance to give and receive support from other group members going through the same stuff you are. Members can also access a private Facebook group to keep support going through the week.

Please discuss joining each group with Steve before making a purchase, to make sure there is room for you in the group.  Also talk with Steve if you want to get the $30 discount on 2 monthly services.

Starting the Business You Love Group
You’re great at doing your thing, but do you know how to run a business? Do you know how to get clients? There are a number of mistakes beginners make that I’d like you to avoid. The first mistake is trying to figure it all out by yourself. Get the support you need to make your new business successful.
– Meets every Tuesday 9 – 10am Central U.S.; $120 per month


Break All the Rules and Land the Job You Love Group
Your dream job will not show up in the want ads. You have to go get it. I’ll show you how.
– Meets every Monday 9 – 10am Central U.S.; $100 per month


Men’s Midlife Transformation Group
For some of us, midlife is a time when we’re questioning everything, and work is just one of the ways we’re looking for more purpose. Join us to create a new life with more meaning, authenticity, and connection. For men who want to get unstuck, follow their hearts, and come alive.
– Meets every other Thursday 7 – 8:30pm Central U.S.; $70 per month