Retreat Invitation

Hi. I’m Steve Hingle.

We are so busy these days. So much is demanding our attention. And when we do get moments of free time, some open spaces, we wind up filling up the space with TV, or the Internet, or talking over the silence. This is something I struggle with. We yearn for all the noise to stop. We want to be still. We understand that it’s key to being deeply connected to ourselves and to the Divine. But the stillness makes us nervous and our minds chatter incessantly. Many of us don’t know how to be still and quiet. And because of that we’re disconnected from ourselves, from others, and from the Divine. So that’s the main reason for the retreat. To practice being still and quiet, and to practice having a sacred attention to whatever is happening in each moment. This is a weekend to unplug from all the stuff and to pay attention to our bodies, to our feelings, to the men we’re with, and to nature.

Many men I’m inviting are New Warriors, so I want to tell you how the retreat compares to the New Warrior Training Adventure. It’s similar in that there will be opportunity to do personal growth processes, encouragement to be intentional in our actions, we’ll be getting real and very present, and we’ll be connecting with our hearts and with other men. It’s different in that there will be more focus on spirituality, a slower, more relaxed pace, and a more organic flow that allows for whatever wants to happen.

The intention for this retreat is to practice seeing everything as sacred… to practice seeing everything that happens as part of a spiritual journey. At the end of the weekend, we’ll take this practice of attention back to our communities, so we can include stillness and the sacred in our everyday lives.

If you’ve forgotten who you are, if you feel out of touch, broken, lost, empty – then this retreat is for you. It’s time to remember who you are, to be made whole, to flow with life, to get deeply connected to your heart, to other men, and to the Divine. I hope you’ll join me.

Read more about the retreat here (you can also register there with a deposit), and find out about the Pay What You Can pricing here (you can also register there with either a deposit or the full payment).